Protein for gaining muscle mass

Seems like everyone at the gym is doing it: filling up on protein to bulk up those biceps. But it’s a misconception. Eating extra protein actually doesn’t do much toward boosting your muscle mass and strength.

When gaining muscle mass, the benefits of protein are obvious, namely:

1. Proteins are a material for the synthesis of contractile proteins, that is, provides muscle growth. This is especially true during and immediately after training. If amino acid material is not introduced into the body immediately after training to repair the damage, a severe catabolic state will develop so subsequent regeneration processes will be aimed not at muscle growth, but at repairing post-catabolic damage.

2. Protein is a source of energy that is most important in the post-workout period, accompanied by high energy expenditure.

3. The entry of amino acids into the blood increases the concentration of insulin and somatotropin hormone in the blood, which in turn stimulates the growth of muscles and bones.

4. At the same time, amino acids and insulin suppress the secretion of catabolic hormones that destroy muscles, namely cortisol, aldosterone, catecholamine’s and others.

5. Muscle hypertrophy is a set of many metabolic processes that are regulated and maintained by proteins (enzymes, receptors, hormones, etc.).

6. The breakdown products of proteins – amino acids, are themselves powerful stimulants of anabolism.

Mechanism of action

· Stimulation of muscle growth via the mTOR signaling pathway and action on muscle cell RNA matrices;

· Fat burning due to specifically dynamic action;

· Suppression of catabolism by inhibiting the secretion of catabolic hormones;

· Inhibition of myostatin synthesis;

· Increased energy production (amino acids are an additional source of energy).


With each passing year, there is growing evidence that extra protein intake (especially before and after exercise) promotes muscle gain; lowers body fat, and promotes faster post-workout recovery. At the same time, a simple increase in the caloric content of the diet due to carbohydrates and fats does not lead to the same effect. Many studies have noted that whey protein has the maximum anabolic effect because it has a maximum rate of absorption and is rich in leucine. It has also been shown that the most effective way to enhance the anabolic effect of protein is to take BCAAs.

The best protein for gaining muscle mass

Bodybuilding uses several types of protein, each with different characteristics. The meta-analysis of modern scientific works allows distributing various types on ability to stimulate a set of muscular weight in the order of decrease in efficiency, taking into account a factor of cost and availability:

· Fast protein (whey) is the best choice price/quality;

· Complex or casein – as an auxiliary, for bedtime;

· Egg protein – has a good rate of assimilation and excellent biological value, but compared to whey high cost;

· Meat protein is a very high cost, with no superiority in efficiency;

· Soy protein is the worst type of protein for gaining muscle mass, although many disagree.

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